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Skate Hunt 2012 Update


Skate Hunt, 2012, with Onyer Marks, Drummore.The Onyer Marks team have just got back from their annual skate trip which produced 6 skate over the magical 200 pound mark. If you fancy joining us on the autumn (October – November) trip then please let me know.

Our summer season starts this weekend; we have had reports of early tope in the bay, These fish are usually found in just thirty foot of water and with very little tide, which means the fish can really motor. Because there is so little tide Carp/spinning rods can be used. This is my favourite fishing of our entire calendar. There are also reports of plenty of Pollack about. With the mackerel being early because of the mild winter it looks like we are in for a cracking May.

The Skate Report!


Onyer Marks, Sea Angling Charters, ScotlandI know a few folk have been disappointed that I didn’t manage to update the facebook page on a daily basis. I had problems with the laptop dongles and our local pub hadn’t paid his Wifi bill so getting online was nigh impossible.

To summarise the trip I would say it was the hardest Crinan trip we have done with the average number of fish per day being well below normal. This can only put down to the absence of Males and smaller fish. We discovered late in the trip that the males were further south than our normal fishing marks but the area holding the males can only be fished in the smallest tides

Matty on Onyer Marks Too had 5 fish over 200 pound with a 205 for John Smith and a 207 for first timer Brendan McAndrew. Fish of 201 and 205 came on the same day for Darlington angler’s Dave Morton and friends. Dave Nightingale was delighted with his 202. My biggest fish was a 209 for Steve Ashton.

Apart from Graham Boardman’s and Jonathon’s trip with 6 fish in the two days all over 174 pounds, my most memorable trip was with lone angler Patrick Lawler. Patrick landed 5 fish (all over 182lb) in one day. On two occasions he was playing a fish with another one hooked on the bottom. We released one fish and quickly harnessed him to the next. Patrick ended up with 7 over the 2 days.

Matty had a great day with Jim and Dan Ashman with 5 fish; two of these were just a pound off the magical 200 lb

Skate Virgins Keith  and Lee Armishaw shared a fish a piece during the only bad spell of weather we had during the whole trip: suffering from the Mal de Mare, Keith was delighted with his 195. Keith put an article on his book and vintage tackle website which you may find interesting

We decided to head south on the small tides during the SSTP tagathon and Matty hit the jackpot with 6 fish for regulars, Dermot Cavanagh, Sharpie, Guy and Gordon Stewart. Matty fished the mark during the next few days and had a 2 fish day then a four fish day. This was during a slow period with many boats on the tagathon blanking. Matty ended up with nearly half of all the fish caught during the three day event.

The trip was definitely a emotional roller coaster ride for Matty and me, we both had periods of good fishing and periods of struggling but the inconsistency meant you were never confident of a good day

Looking back at this trip it will be memorable for me, as it was the first trip that Matty managed to stuff me. We had been neck and neck with just 6 trips to go but he basically out thought me during the last week and ended up well clear.  I can only say a big well done to him; he made some great decisions, thinking outside the box during the last week and thoroughly deserved his victory. ~Ian

Ballan Wrasse


Dave wright with a Ballan wrasse of 6lb 4oz that would have beaten the Scottish record

Dave Wright with a Ballan Wrasse of 6lb 4oz that would have beaten the Scottish Record. A fantastic catch indeed. Our species hunts are becoming increasingly popular. Why not charter one  or more of our boats and see if you and your party can break a record or two, catch something rare or just have a great days’ angling!





Simon and Conger Eel, from our 2004 season with Onyer Marks Sea Fishing Charters.June 9th, 2004, and Simon caught this decent sized Conger, which weighed in around 30 pounds – Conger’s being notoriously non-metric – and even stayed around long enough for a photo opportunity.

That season was a bad ‘un as far as  the weather was concerned, but a good ‘un for the Congers for some reason!

Bull Huss


Andy with Bull HussAnother shot from our Species-Rich season of 2007.

Andy on ‘Riptide’ produced some superb fish including the Sea Angler/Shimano Catch and Release Fish of the Year with a Bull Huss of 23 pounds.

Left: The award winning Bull Huss presents his best side for the camera.

After siging a few autographs, he disappeared back into the ocean unharmed. Neat catch!



Ken Brown with Spurdog, back in 2006. August, 2006, and Ken Brown caught this Spurdog, the first one I’d seen in these waters for nearly 10 years.

An interesting thing about Spurdog, is that they have been around for about 70 million years, more or less unchanged.

After the obligatory photo, we returned this sea going dinosaur back to the deeps unharmed.

I believe there are about 26 specie of Spurdog (or is that sub-specie?) knocking about. If we catch any of the others, we’ll post it here!