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Ballan Wrasse


Dave wright with a Ballan wrasse of 6lb 4oz that would have beaten the Scottish record

Dave Wright with a Ballan Wrasse of 6lb 4oz that would have beaten the Scottish Record. A fantastic catch indeed. Our species hunts are becoming increasingly popular. Why not charter one  or more of our boats and see if you and your party can break a record or two, catch something rare or just have a great days’ angling!





Record breaking Smoothound for Guy. Onyer Marks Charter Hire.

Above, Guy’s 15lb 4oz Smoothound would have beaten the Scottish record by 5 pounds.

Smoothound caught with Onyer Marks Charters.

Above, another good Smoothound caught by…er…’Paul’s Son’ (it says here….) recently.


Thornback Ray


Thornback Ray caught by Carl with Onyer Marks Charter Hire.

Carl caught this neat Thornback Ray whilst angling with his son on one of our charters. Check out the other species of Ray we have caught over the years too, our galleries have some great images and catches.



Sheila with a decent Plaice, caught with Onyer Marks Charter Hire, Scotland.

Sheila caught this fine Plaice a while back. A staple part of the diet once upon a time, Plaice and chips was a popular dish (probably still is…). Rather than cook this one thought, we returned it back into the sea.



Simon and Conger Eel, from our 2004 season with Onyer Marks Sea Fishing Charters.June 9th, 2004, and Simon caught this decent sized Conger, which weighed in around 30 pounds – Conger’s being notoriously non-metric – and even stayed around long enough for a photo opportunity.

That season was a bad ‘un as far as  the weather was concerned, but a good ‘un for the Congers for some reason!

Bull Huss


Andy with Bull HussAnother shot from our Species-Rich season of 2007.

Andy on ‘Riptide’ produced some superb fish including the Sea Angler/Shimano Catch and Release Fish of the Year with a Bull Huss of 23 pounds.

Left: The award winning Bull Huss presents his best side for the camera.

After siging a few autographs, he disappeared back into the ocean unharmed. Neat catch!