Saltwater Fly


Salt water fly fishing has been a big growth area for us in recent years. The hard fighting, crash diving inshore pollack are our usual target but anglers regularly catch, coalfish, mackerel, wrasse and we even had a world record breaking tope on the fly in 2013.

The novice “salt water fly” fishers will often arrive telling stories of how well salmon fight. It doesn’t usually take too long to change their opinion! A few years ago, a well-known editor from one of the monthly magazines was convinced his first pollack had to be a double. You can imagine the amusement on the boat, when up came a pollack of just a few pounds!

There is no doubt it is an eye opener for fly anglers, fishing for pollack for the first time. Firstly for the number of fish caught in a day which is often 40 fish per man, and secondly just how hard the pollack pull on that crash dive. To give the pollack line will result in a fish wrapped in the kelp, which usually means a lost fish. At times it’s just a case of hanging on and hoping nothing breaks. Several anglers have landed double figure fish and all will confess to being broken up on bigger fish.

In 2008 we had an attempt to see how many off the IGFA world records we could beat for “pollack on the fly” We have a strict catch and release policy, so none of the records count, but in just one afternoon we broke the IGFA 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb and 12lb. tippet records.

A 9-10 gauge rod is recommended with a medium sinking line. For safety reasons, please note there is only room for 2-3 people fly fishing at any one time.


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