Although we specialise in tope and pollack, the species hunts have become very popular. These are usually either, anglers on one boat having a little competition between themselves or groups that book three boats and have inter boat competitions. These are really good fun for the skippers as well, as they feel under pressure to produce the goods.

There are certainly plenty of species to target as we have caught 62 different species over the years. The Onyer Marks record for a day’s fishing is 27 species, but twenty in a day is a realistic target. Below are just a few of the species caught over the years.


Sharks; tope, huss, spurdog smoothhound, rays, common skate, blackmouth dogfish, lesser spotted catshark

Cod family; Pollack, cod, coalie, Haddock, Ling, whiting, rockling,

Bait fish; mackerel, herring, launce

Flatties; plaice, dabs

Wrasse; Ballan, cuckoo, gold sinney, cork wing, rockcook

Gurnards; Tub, red, streaked and grey

Odds and sods; bream, conger, garfish


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