The Tackle Page

We recommend that anglers bring a 12-20 lb class rod for the general fishing and preferably with a lever drag for the tope fishing: filled with 30 lb. braid. Most of our regulars also bring a Carp/spinning rod for the Pollack loaded with no less than 18 lb. line.

Please note we are now supplying:

• 1 man – 4 man starter kits containing everything you need for a days fishing for beginners or just for people who don’t live near a good tackle shop
• tope traces, as we haven’t found any on the internet up to the job.
• the float rigs and drilled bullets as many struggle to get the right kit.

See the Onyer Marks shop for details.

The bullet points below outline what you need to bring with you for a typical day’s fishing:

* A set of Shrimp rigs or Sabikkis ( for sand Eel )
* 2x sets of Mackeral Lures. (shiny preferred)
* 2x 5oz. leads, 2x 10oz. leads and 2x 1 lb. leads
* 6x 1/2oz.drilled bullets.
* swivels and links.
* Beads
* 1x 7inch Cigar Float with suitable lead for the Pollack
* 2 Booms, (Preferably tubi-booms approx 6 inches long but zip
sliders will do.)
* good 20lb. trace line. ( Amnesia or equivalent )
* 6x 4/0 Hooks (Mustad 3261′s or equivalent ),
* 1x Pair of Wellies for getting off the boat with!
* Good weather and a smile!
* tope trace. If you want to make your own see the Onyer Marks Video