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Skate Hunt 2012 Update


Skate Hunt, 2012, with Onyer Marks, Drummore.The Onyer Marks team have just got back from their annual skate trip which produced 6 skate over the magical 200 pound mark. If you fancy joining us on the autumn (October – November) trip then please let me know.

Our summer season starts this weekend; we have had reports of early tope in the bay, These fish are usually found in just thirty foot of water and with very little tide, which means the fish can really motor. Because there is so little tide Carp/spinning rods can be used. This is my favourite fishing of our entire calendar. There are also reports of plenty of Pollack about. With the mackerel being early because of the mild winter it looks like we are in for a cracking May.

2012 Skate Hunt Photos


Here’s a few shots from our 2012 Skate Hunt, featuring some neat wee beasties caught by Steve Ashton, Dave Dillon, Kieth Armishaw, Patrick Lawlor and Allan Dillon. See our Skate Report for more details about the trip. We are now back ‘down south’ in The Rhins of Galloway ready for the Tope season.